Our School

Our School, Students and Classes

Study with us in our positive, challenging and fun English classes where you make progress and connect with people from all over the World, learning lessons both inside and outside the classroom that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

The focus of our school is to create a learning environment that targets the individual needs and aspirations of each student and enables them to achieve their individual goals. We give great value to our family atmosphere and specialise in excellent pastoral care.

Our class sizes are small (from 5 to 10 students) as this allows for high levels of student interaction and individual attention.

We have a mix of ages and nationalities who study English with us and usually have at least 8 different nationalities at the school at any given time.

All students are required to speak English whilst in school.

Our teachers are highly skilled and cater for all proficiency levels of English, from Beginner through to Advanced, plus IELTS, and learners work systematically through course programmes based on core texts. Teachers also draw on authentic materials and some learning takes place outside the classroom in real life situations and through weekly activities.

We focus on providing value for money and a positive interactive learning environment, as well as striving for academic excellence and offering pathways to further study at High School, Polytechnic and University.

Our school is owned by a Trust and as such is part of a larger group of institutions providing education from pre-school through to college and tertiary education.

Our Features and Facilities

We pride ourselves on providing a warm and friendly study environment in light, airy classrooms to maximise students learning. Students have easy access to their teachers and plenty of opportunities to practise their English.

There is a comfortable lounge area where students can relax, meet informally with staff, chat with other students, play the piano or play table football and games together during their break times.  Wifi is available and there is free internet use on our student computers.

We have a separate kitchen/dining area with a fridge and microwaves, where tea, coffee and Milo are available free of charge




We are closed on the first and last week of the year.