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Tuan, Vietnam

Aziz and Khalid, Saudi Arabia

Benny, Hong Kong

Vincent, China

Marion, New Caledonia


  • <span>China</span>
    "…it’s not only the knowledge I learnt but also the cultural awareness and personal improvement… I have lots of confidence now. To read Lydia’s testimonial in her native tongue [Click here]."
    Lydia China
  • <span>France</span>
    "I’m 100% sure that it was the perfect place to improve my English and develop myself. To read Nathan’s testimonial in his native tongue [Click here]."
    Nathan France
  • <span>New Caledonia</span>
    "Tauranga is a wonderful city with nice people and lots of activities. I could not have chosen a better city or a better school! I would come back without hesitation. To read Ludmilla’s testimonial in her native tongue [Click here]. "
    Ludmilla New Caledonia
  • <span>Oman</span>
    "The activities inside and outside the school helped me to learn English in different ways. There were students from many countries. They all improved their English skills and so did I! To read Ahmed’s testimonial in his native tongue [Click here]"
    Ahmed Oman
  • <span>South Korea</span>
    "…this school gave me many things for my life. I understand why many students cried when they left this school."
    JuHee South Korea
  • <span>South Korea</span>
    "….with the activities, we could have more opportunities to get closer and get rid of barriers between us."
    Hansol South Korea
    "…I attended the school for ten weeks and my knowledge of the English language greatly improved so that I was able to travel around the South Island and communicate with people."
    Vreni Switzerland
    "…By far the most different, exciting and life changing experience I had in my life. Teachers always answered my questions and gave me attention when I needed. I’m very grateful for everything that I experienced here and I’m sure that it changed my world view and improved my English as well. Hope to see everyone again."
    Maori Brazil